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Deliberative Discourse

November 23, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Programming Director, Disney Institute

A recent article from Fast Company is offering suggestions in creativity and idea generation – and not in a way you may have previously been considering. Ask yourself, "How does the next great idea come about?" Perhaps you make a connection you had never before considered or, maybe, it was the result of a more traditional brainstorming session.

But could "the next big thing" come from an argument?

Arguing, or "deliberate discourse," as its more appropriately known, was a phrase coined by Aristotle referencing "participative and collaborative (but not critique-free) communication." Its a way to express a variety of ideas and opinions with the understanding that everyone is working towards a common goal.

This is no free-for-all, though. Stick to these five rules in your next "deliberate discourse" session:

1. No hierarchy: “Breaking down hierarchy is critical for deliberative discourse. It’s essential to create a space where everyone can truly contribute.”
2. Say “No, because”: “No is a critical part of the process, but if you’re going to say no, you better be able to say why. Backing up an argument is integral in any deliberative discourse.”
3. Diverse perspectives: “We’ve all heard of T-shaped people and of multidisciplinary teams. This model works for us because deliberative discourse requires a multiplicity of perspectives to shape ideas.”
4. Focus on a common goal: “Deliberative discourse is not just arguing for argument’s sake. Argument is productive because everyone knows you’re working toward a common goal. Develop a statement of purpose at the outset of each project.”
5. Keep it fun: “Deliberative discourse is a form of play, and for play to yield great ideas, we have to take it seriously.”

For the full story, visit Fast Company.

This model may not be for everyone, but it is a way to mix up your current creative strategy. Tell us—how have you stepped outside the box for the sake of creativity in the workplace?

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