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A Model of Customer Service

November 20, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

Smiles, cheerfulness, kindness and generosity are all things we usually associate with the holiday season, but not as often, with the customer service we receive. But why is this so often the case? Former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner once argued this point saying, "We are in the business of exceeding expectations," not merely meeting them.

So, how does Disney focus the efforts of Cast Members into creating an experience that exceeds expectations and creates lasting memories for our Guests? We turn to the Quality Service Model.

These six pieces of the quality service model each ask a specific question that, if you are able to answer for your customer, can translate into that exceptional customer service you desire.

Guestology – the study of our Guests and their wants and needs. Who are your customers? How can you anticipate their needs?

Quality standards – Disney’s operational guidelines to providing an outstanding experience for the Guest. These questions may include, "Are the hours I operate ideal for my Guest?" or "What can I do to lessen or avoid over crowding?"

Cast (employees) – The people charged with delivering outstanding service. Are you properly aligning the talents of each individual with a role (job) that will utilize those gifts?

Setting –The physical environment. Is it clear where your Guests should place their order? Is your entrance inviting? Would a Guest describe this area as clean?

Process – The step-by-step procedure for accomplishing a task. If a Guest has a complaint, what is the appropriate channel to direct it?

Integration – How do you make sure that each piece works seamlessly with the others to deliver the best possible experience for your Guest?

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