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Treat Your Employees as Customers

October 04, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

It’s a safe bet that most would understand the right way to treat a customer, after all, isn’t it really just the way the we want to be treated ourselves?

It’s important that:

• We’re made to feel special
• We’re treated as an individual
• We feel as though our children are being respected
• The employee is knowledgeable about the product

So how do we “make our employees be nice?” It starts with the way your employees are treated, but the tasks are no different. Look again at what is important to your customer, and translate that into how it is important to your employees.

• Employees want to feel special
• Employees want to be treated as an individual
• Employees want to be respected
• Employees want to be made knowledgeable (developed)

Providing the same type of “service” to your employees as you seek to provide to your customers shows you’re serious about your commitment to them. The example you set is surely one employees will follow.

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