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Standards With Purpose

September 04, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

At Disney, quality standards are put into place to set operational priorities and establish a consistent method for decision-making. What’s the formula for creating these standards? According to Walt Disney Imagineer, John Hench, “It’s attention to infinite detail, the little things, the minor, picky points that others just don’t want to take the time, money, or effort to do.”

So how do they stack up and what do they mean?

1. Safety: Provides for the welfare of all Guests and Cast Members

2. Courtesy: Establishes that all Guests will be treated as a VIP with a personal touch

3. Show: Combines the elements of setting to create an attractive appearance

4. Efficiency: Ensures smooth operation and integration between facilities, systems and Cast Members

Every business or organization has standards that relate directly to their business, what are yours?

To find out more about quality standards or Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, leave your questions in the comments below and join @DisneyInstitute tomorrow at noon EDT for a Twitter Chat with Disney Institute Programming Director, Bruce Jones.

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