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Instilling Company Culture from Day One

August 16, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

At Disney, the orientation process begins the moment an applicant walks into the Casting Center. From the door knobs on the front of the building, to the murals leading down the hall into the recruiting areas, candidates find themselves immersed in Disney culture early on in their hiring process, even before they are trained! This environment, carried throughout the hiring and training process, helps to instill a positive Disney culture and strong understanding of company values early on.

One thing that Disney focuses on is proper, thorough and intentional training of new Cast Members. Disney recognizes that training is one of the most critical points for Cast Members—something that will translate to productivity levels later in their position. Why is training important?

• Creates Cast Member engagement and commitment
• Powerfully reinforces culture, which drives desired behaviors
• Brings organizational goals to life
• Increases employee productivity and efficiency

In many organizations, training new or existing employees isn’t always a priority—instead it is viewed as a cumbersome race to see how quickly the new hire can start working. This is a common mistake, and can lead to detrimental mistakes in productivity, frustration for the new hire and a negative cultural impact on the entire organization.

Remember: The goal in hiring someone new is to find an employee who is qualified, engaged and the right behavioral fit. If you aren’t providing employees the proper tools to excel, they may become frustrated and disengaged in their role.

Tell us, how do you take extra steps to ensure that your hiring and training processes are sending the right messages to your candidates?

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2 Responses to Instilling Company Culture from Day One

  • Jessica says:

    on August 16, 2012

    I absolutely agree with the importance of effective onboarding and training. It sends the message to the new employee that the organization cares and is investing in his/her success as a valuable member of the team. This is an important touch point that has a huge impact on the new employee's impression of the company. I think the pitfall that many companies are victim to is lack of consistent support/follow through throughout the rest of the organization for this crucial period of onboarding and training. Even if the onboarding and training was a positive experience, employees can quickly become jaded if the messages they received during training don't match the reality of their actual work environment.

  • Chris says:

    on May 19, 2014

    Stacey, Great article! How do you sustain the culture? It is hard to track a cast members action throughout the day. What do you do to measure how well they are performing?

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