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How Effective CEOs Spend Their Time

August 28, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

"Its one thing to make the list, but its actually quite hard to stay on the list," says Jim Schleckser, veteran entrepreneur and part of the CEO Project, a program that coaches the nations top CEOs. In his seven years with the program, Jim experienced and recorded the differences between the top performers and their weaker counterparts.

Time management: The best CEOs are spending their time perfecting their business model. Who is our audience? What is the right price? What is our value proposition? These are all questions CEOs are devoting significant time to. Not surprisingly, talent management is also a point of focus. Jim notes that the talent that brought you to $7 million in revenue might not be the same as the talent that brings you to $20 million.

Balance between being assertive vs. taking advice: The best CEOs strike a fine balance. If you have exceptional people surrounding you, it often will behoove you to listen to them. However, a CEO gets paid to make tough decisions. From time to time a decision might need to be made in spite of the popular opinion.

What ineffective CEOs are doing: As the marketplace evolves, businesses must adapt. Ineffective CEOs are unable to detect the parts of their business susceptible to these changes. These CEOs also take a "peanut butter approach" to time management: spread it out evenly across all categories.

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