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Chat With Programming Director, Bruce Jones

August 30, 2012 by Stephen O'Neil, Marketing Associate, Disney Institute

Bruce Jones has a knack for relating to people. Good thing; Bruce has delivered Disney Institute programs from São Paulo to Hong Kong and to audiences exceeding 5,000 people.

He has facilitated each Disney Institute course, even premiering several content areas. But until Bruce began his Disney career, quality service had meant little more than a memo on the wall. "Nobody ever really understood it; nobody ever internalized it; nobody ever really embraced it. So it never really happened."

It didnt take long for him to realize that quality service at Disney truly meant treating people like guests in your own home.

As Programming Director, Bruce leads teams to research and develop content with an approach that is relevant to any business or organization. With that knowledge, Disney Institute enables participants to focus on proactive approaches to the customer experience.

"Great customer service doesn’t have to be new to be effective," Bruce said. "The principles that Walt put into place are probably more valid in today’s competitive marketplace than ever."

It is that deliberate, fanatical attention to detail that began with Walt and continues to differentiate Disney service from that of any other organization. It is Bruce who continues to help organizations ensure that the customer experience is more than a memo on the wall.

Join Bruce on Twitter, Wednesday, September 5 at noon EDT for an opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences around the topic of quality service. Submit your questions in the comments below, on Twitter @DisneyInstitute or at facebook.com/DisneyInstitute.

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