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Arguing Attitude Versus Aptitude

August 07, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

What is your recruiting process like? Are you trying to fill positions as quickly as possible with people who have strong resumes?
At Disney, we have found that sometimes, even with the right tools, certain people aren’t a good fit, regardless of their experience.
Think about what you usually look for in a job candidate. Do you seek the same qualities of your top employees, or are you hiring based on some other criteria?
Many employers hire based on skills alone and later come to find that the person with the rock star resume hasn’t delivered on all levels – culturally. These kinds of people can sometimes do more harm than good in the long run, so taking time to select the best fit for the position should be a well thought-out process.
We like to tell people to hire for attitude, and train for aptitude. Of course, that doesn’t mean discount skills during the hiring process, but rather to intentionally spend time seeking the right person for a good cultural fit.
When you are thinking about the “best candidate” for your open position, look to your top employees. What characteristics do they posses that make them your top choice? Generally, the best employee is the one who exhibits desired behaviors in addition to having a strong skill set in what’s needed for the job. Think about what sets them apart from your other employees, and start there.

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