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All Work and No Train...

August 23, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Disney has long placed an emphasis on the quality of its training, maintaining that it is the foundation for which exceptional quality service is built. One of the key strategies in that training is setting up your employees for success.

The PeopleMatter Institute has developed an infographic demonstrating just how valuable quality training can be.

(Click here to enlarge this image)

Describe for us in the comments below how training, or increased training, has translated into success in your organization. What systems or processes did you implement to aid those changes? Were the changes incremental?

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2 Responses to All Work and No Train...

  • Joshua says:

    on April 22, 2013

    I became successful when I trusted my gut from learning how major media wants people to evolve. It was thought up by a group to convey a positive message to the public

  • Jacquelin says:

    on February 07, 2014

    As an application trainer for both clients and internal employees, I feel training can make or break your employee's or client's perception of your company. I have found that when people are unsure of how to perform their job and their manager's don't seem to care about how they do their job or how comfortable they are, it will influence team morale overall. As an organization with a remote workforce, we decided to implement a "K-12" software application training series for our internal employees via webex that could be experienced live or viewed later. As a Manager in another operational organization, I found it extremely valuable to spend at least 2 hours training each new employee myself. It was my personal time with each employee, getting to know them, getting to hear their questions first hand and showing them that I was human and hands on. One of my previous employees once gave me the feedback that one of the reasons they stayed in the entry level position for so long is because they didn't want to leave my department because I was "real". Real meaning I was there on the front lines with them and expressed concern for the issues they brought up and set them up for success.

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