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The $4 Million Complaint Call

July 17, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

In 1995 Ron Burley was working tirelessly to operate and grow his personal startup, Broadcast Software. He had reached a transition point for his business, and gone were the days when he was able to fund growth out of his back pocket - Ron needed outside capital. This was also during the tech bubble burst, slimming the chances of securing an investor.

Ron, known for being a hands-on CEO, received a phone call at 2 a.m. one Sunday. It was Bob, a customer who operated a radio station in a small, rural part of southern Illinois.  Bob had been struggling to get his purchase up and running, largely due to the fact the he had never used a computer before. At one point, Ron’s support manager had even suggested refunding the money for his purchase.

But Ron, not about to abandon his customer, spent hours on the phone walking him through multiple configurations. By the time the call had ended, he was encouraged that much progress had been made. Time passed and no one heard from Bob. That was, until six months later when Ron received a call from a large company’s Chief of Engineering informing him that he would like to purchase $4 million worth of Ron’s product. Bob, now working for this large corporation, had not forgotten the commitment that Ron had showed him. He made a point to recommend and reinforce the option to their coworkers and, as a result, it saved Broadcast Software.

Do you have a story about a small gesture you or someone you know made that paid dividends later? Share in the comments below!

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