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Five Steps to Coachability

July 24, 2012 by Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director, Disney Institute

“A proverb says that only stupid men learn from experience. Wise men learn from other people’s experience.”

Simple in theory, right? We’re all prone to mistakes, let’s do our best to learn from the mistakes of others before we make them ourselves. To make that work, we will need to demonstrate one fundamental understanding: coachability.  Having a coach but lacking the willingness to listen, adapt and change only proves one thing, you would rather be right than improve. Step up to the plate with these five steps to coachability:

Humility:  We must accept that there are things we need to do that cannot be done on our own. Humility isn’t something we can make up our mind to do; it requires a change of heart as opposed to a change of mind.

Action Bias: Simply put, you won’t find what you’re not looking for. Take a proactive approach, seek out those you aspire to learn from or to be like.

Purity of Purpose: Seeking out the wisdom and experience of others is a noble chore if you are truly looking to grow. Be assured that those you seek help from will recognize ulterior motives quickly and disband.

Surrender Control: Resist the natural urge to have a results based relationship with your coach or mentor. As Turak writes, “Ironically, the reason why most of us need a coach in the first place is to learn how to give up control.”

Faith: “The problem with life is that it must be lived forward and only understood backwards.” The benefits of some things are only truly seen once a transformation has occurred. That is not to say that due diligence shouldn’t be taken in finding a teacher, instead, a reminder that the humility exhibited in followership may be worth the risk.

For the full article from August Turak, visit  http://onforb.es/M7diat

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