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All Part of the Show

July 03, 2012 by Stephen O'Neil, Marketing Associate, Disney Institute

Walt Disney’s focus on the aspect of “show” reflected the company’s common purpose: to be the finest in entertainment. The Guest experience was to be, from start to finish, an uninterrupted performance. Walt’s focus on providing the best “show” meant never interrupting or diverting the Guest’s attention. Marty Sklar, the now-retired Chairman of Walt Disney Imagineering still recounts walking through Disneyland with Walt when, just as they were entering Frontierland, a company publicist drove up to the pair. Walt, in shock, asked the publicist, “What are you doing with a car here in 1860?”

When you think about your business and the story you are telling, is your show consistent? How do you deliver an uninterrupted customer experience?

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