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Caring for Cast Members

June 07, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

It’s important to care for your employees, but actually putting it into practice requires a plan and tangible services. At Disney, we value the morale and health of our Cast Members and are committed to providing them with quality service.

Some areas offer on-site tailoring and dry cleaning services, while other departments have a “Company D” Store, accessible to all Cast Members where they can buy items such as stamps, Cast Member-exclusive merchandise and discounted movie tickets. An on-site YMCA is also available for individuals needing childcare. We believe that by assisting Cast Members with personal needs, they will be better able to perform in their roles.

Here are some ways you can help care for your employees:

• Provide flexible work hours for employee to take care of personal or family needs.
• Work with other local business to extend discounts for individuals in your organization.
• Think about adding your own on-site store. so employees can pick up necessities quickly.
• Either create an on-site childcare facility or partner with a local one to assist employees with children.



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