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Behaviors of Trustworthy Leaders

June 12, 2012 by Stephen O'Neil, Marketing Associate, Disney Institute

Creating an engaging and collaborative work environment is an ongoing challenge tasked to all leaders. But similar to personal relationships, working relationships require give and take, as well as a sense of commitment in order to flourish.

Here are five behaviors that, according to Forbes Contributor, Meghan Biro, leaders can exhibit to encourage happier, more loyal employees:

1. Tell the truth: As obvious as it may seem, leaders may be forced to make difficult decisions regarding teams, promotions, responsibilities and other challenges that present a chance to place  blame. Take this as an opportunity to motivate your employees and show your willingness to be upfront and honest.
2. Communicate roles and responsibilities: Staying on the same page as the rest of your team is crucial. Provide them with clearly defined roles and paths to success and develop performance plans for those who lag behind.
3. Create a workplace culture that values real people relationships: Make team-building a priority. Set aside time to engage coworkers in an environment structured to build relationships as they build a foundation for engagement and loyalty.
4. Be fair and open: This does not necessarily mean treating everyone equally—
people are different and should be treated accordingly. It does mean being transparent in your processes for managing and leading.

Model the behaviors you seek: Throw “do as I say, not as I do” out the window. Accept your responsibility as a leader and seek to act with engagement, commitment and responsibility. Do this every day.

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1 Responses to Behaviors of Trustworthy Leaders

  • Mary Jane says:

    on June 12, 2012

    Trust is the most important aspect of leadership, when you lose trust, it takes lots of time to rebuild, if you can. Very wise words to tell the truth, keep open lines of communication, and build positive relationships. I heard it said, "telling the truth doesn't mean spilling your guts", provide the necessary information without blame, judgment, or defensiveness. I admire the Disney way of building cultures of trust, collaboration, and accountability. Thanks for sharing these reminders.

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