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Tips for Culture Building

May 17, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

The culture of any workplace environment sets the pace for progress, employee interaction and overall morale. To build or change a culture, it’s important that everyone is fairly represented to move in the right direction.

At Disney, culture building starts on a cast member’s first day in our Traditions class. From there, new cast members are immersed into a culture that values Disney history, but more importantly where we are headed as a company and how we can create magical moments today.

Sometimes, culture-building efforts fail, but it’s usually because people are not provided with realistic common goals and objectives. Here are some tips for effective culture building in any organization: 

  • Don’t complicate ideas: Create tangible goals and leave room for individuality so employees don’t feel forced to change.
  • Think globally: Each team member, at every level must “buy in” to the culture. This can be accomplished by assessing and working towards an established ‘bigger picture’, while leaving room for employees to express their personality. We achieve this through our Traditions class, which cast members attend on their first day of work.
  • Incorporate training and coaching: Provide specific guidelines and measurable feedback from your team.
  • Establish rewards: Motivate employees through reward and recognition programs. Try ‘celebrating the everyday’ to establish a culture of employee recognition and appreciation.

Consider what values are currently in place and by incorporating these tips, you can further cultivate and build a culture of excellence.

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