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In Plain Sight: The Obvious Secrecy of Integration

May 15, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Surveys have shown that, on average, a customer who experiences a negative service encounter will tell nearly twice as many people as he/she would have if the service experience had been positive. What do these word of mouth references look like? "The lines were too long," or perhaps, "You have to see the fireworks, they were outstanding!"

But have you ever heard, "That is some common purpose they have at Disney. The way they combine cast, setting and process in Poohs Hunny Hunt is a true testament to Quality Service!" Probably not.

Disney Guests are constantly surrounded by these components but, like many infrastructures, this is meant to be invisible. Instead, Guests view and evaluate the service supported by the infrastructure - they just dont need to know it exists.

To exceed customer expectations:

•  Map out your quality standards and the systems by which they are delivered
•  Ask how you can integrate each of your quality standards into your delivery systems

Ex: You may have already implemented processes by which your employees work efficiently, but have you asked how your can make your setting work efficiently for you?


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