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May 03, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Giving back to the community through service and volunteering is valued and recognized at The Walt Disney Company. We believe that positive, helpful actions tell a story of who you are as a company and the behaviors your organization values.

Through our worldwide service program, Disney VoluntEARS, Cast Members are provided numerous opportunities to serve their community, like collecting and delivering toys, working to help children, preserving the environment and supporting arts and culture. Creating leaders in the community is central to developing leadership excellence within a company. Here are some practical ways to encourage and propel a culture of volunteering:

1.) Reward Service Hours: Through the ‘Ears to You’ program, Cast Members can turn their volunteer hours into cash for their charity of choice. Establishing a rewards or recognition program can serve as motivation to encourage community involvement. 

2.) Provide Options: As part of the VoluntEARS program, Cast Members are given numerous options for times and places to volunteer with fellow Cast Members in larger groups or to volunteer with their organization of choice tailored to their schedule and interests. Think beyond planning just a monthly Saturday community event to serve as a company and employees may meet service expectations with more enthusiasm.  

Building a service-oriented culture can take time, but with the right options and rewards any organization has the ability to move towards giving back on a consistent basis.


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