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Collaboration among generations

April 03, 2012 by Chi-Hsiang Yen, Public Relations Coordinator, Disney Institute

At Disney, Cast Members from every generation work together and collaborate on a daily basis. This results in various work styles and ways of accomplishing projects. Recent college graduates thrive on quick delivery and constant feedback whereas older generations did not grow up in an era saturated with social media and smart phones.
We believe in developing leaders from the start, which is why we have the Disney College Program and offer a wide range of Professional Internships. By bringing college-age Cast Members into our culture, we have the opportunity to train future leaders and learn from them about up-and- coming trends. Collaboration across generations is beneficial in the workplace, so here are some tips when adapting to working with younger generations:
•  Younger generations often have a different yet unique skill set. Draw from their skills to further success in your organization.
•  Attend to the needs of each generation and understand how each contribution effects and grows your organization.
•  Train new employees in your culture, heritage and legacy.
•  Keep in mind that younger employees have a greater need for objectivity and quicker delivery of information.

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