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April 17, 2012 by Stephen O'Neil, Marketing Associate, Disney Institute

If you have seen Pixar’s animated movie Wall-E, you know how the story goes. Humans have abandoned the planet earth and left Wall-E, a lonely robot, to sort through the remnants. What you may not know is that animators used computers to create and build more than six  miles of cityscape to make the environment realistic and believable to audiences. Take a closer look at Wall-E’s home and you will find 827 poker chips, sixty-six license plates, 290 fake eyeballs, 798 Christmas lights, four bug zappers, five paper lanterns and ten tiki lights. Starting to get the picture?

It is only natural to wonder why Pixar would go to such lengths when the viewer could not possibly grasp every carefully planned detail. “It’s the little whispers that speak to an audience,” says Director Andrew Stanton. It is also this meticulous attention to detail, which is, at its core, a Disney Service Basic that allows us to continue exceeding Guests’ expectations.

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