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March 29, 2012 by Chi-Hsiang Yen, Public Relations Coordinator, Disney Institute

Collaboration. To some, that word denotes a daily headache. To others, it's an effective way of producing high-quality work. Either way, it’s an important concept that can propel your business in a better direction. 

 Collaboration is key to making any business run smoothly. Recently, we asked some members of our team to share their thoughts on effective collaboration.  

 What obstacles get in the way of good collaboration? 

•  Lack of friendly relationships can hinder any collaboration.

•  Allowing titles to take precedent over someone expressing an idea.

•  Minimal trust levels and focusing on office politics.

Who do collaborate best with?

•  People that ask “Why not?”

•  Individuals that challenge the boundaries of ideas.

•  Those who seek value in every contribution.

•  Fellow Cast Members who listen to ideas and are able to build upon them.

 Regardless of the size of your organization, effective collaboration is crucial to moving forward. What steps can you take today to improve collaboration?


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