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Brand loyalty

March 15, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

We recently sat down with several members of our team and asked “How do you create brand loyalty?” In turn, they posed the question “Why do people come back to our brand?”   Often, first-time customers turn into repeat customers and eventually become lifelong customers because they have an emotional connection with a brand. Take Mickey Mouse for example; merely mentioning his name in our office immediately evokes a smile on our faces. Establishing a strong emotional connection with your brand means your consumers care and are invested in your product or service.   Remember that a brand is the perceptions and experiences your customers have with your people, company, product or service. A brand thrives and survives by the stories consumers tell. It’s then up to your organization to employ branding through the tactics used in storytelling through logos, slogans or package design.    Why do customers come back or visit just once? Because of the messages your brand sends through emotional connections and experiences.  

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