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Celebrate the "everyday"

February 09, 2012 by Chi-Hsiang Yen, Public Relations Coordinator, Disney Institute

At Disney, corporate culture is defined as “the way we do things.” One of the things we do backstage everyday is celebrating milestones in cast member’s careers and life. 
Our culture sets the tone for how employees interact with each other on a daily basis. We see the value and know the importance of recognizing cast members for their service to the company as well as celebrating someone’s birthday. Cast members are awarded service pins for their time spent with Disney as well as banners recognizing years spent with the company.  Birthdays don’t go unnoticed either and each area of the company celebrates differently – for example, Epcot plans a special monthly breakfast for cast members and other areas sign and deliver a card from the entire team. 
How do you acknowledge someone’s special day and create excitement around special occasions?

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  • Donna says:

    on February 09, 2012

    Employment anniversaries are celebrated with their choice of a lunch, birthdays are celebrated with a dessert for everyone to share, years of service are celebrated with a 5, 10, 15, etc tab added to their name tag and for the 10 year they get a gold leaf on our company tree. The tree has a green leaf for every customer and every employee.

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