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The real meaning behind "guest"

January 17, 2012 by Stacey DiNuzzo, Public Relations Manager, Disney Institute

We pride ourselves in having a unique culture at Disney. We even have our own language that we affectionately refer to as "Disney-speak." As someone who came to Disney from the outside, I can attest to its complexity. (It took me a good two months to figure out that DAK meant Disney's Animal Kingdom).

Outside of the acronyms, though, is a vocabulary designed to support a culture dedicated to guest service. And we do mean "guest" -- other companies have followed Disney's lead and adopted this term over the years, but they don't always understand its meaning. When Walt Disney started using the word "guest" to refer to Disney customers, he did so because he believed our customers are like guests in our home and should be treated as such. We hold true to that belief to this day.

Do you treat customers like guests in your home? Do your employees understand why that's important? Would love to hear your thoughts/comments below.

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