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10 simple things to make customers happy

December 28, 2011 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Throughout the year, Disney cast members take part in what we call working Cross-Utilization (Cross-U) shifts. We send leaders, managers and office workers out into our theme parks and resorts to assist and lend and extra hand to the rest of our Cast Members during peak seasons such as Spring Break, Christmas and New Years.

Its a great way for all of us to remember why we are here: To make people happy.   

For our team at Disney Institute, there is an added bonus. We are also able to glean many new ideas and best practices from our theme parks, resorts and other business operations, which we can then pass along to all of you.  

Two of our Disney Institute facilitators, Lisa and Tom, recently had a chance to work a Cross-U shift in one of the quick-service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. Upon arrival, they were handed a card by that listed "Ten Simple Things to Do" in a quick-service environment to help impact the customer experience.

Here are the ten things the card suggested they do during their shift:  

1.) Open the door for a Guest(s)
2.) Personally deliver a high chair to the Guests table
3.) Help carry a tray for a Guest
4.) Pre-bus (clean) the table for a Guest
5.) Stand in front of (not behind) the register
6.) Engage Guests with fun activities (coloring sheets, hula hoops) or props (Mickey Mouse gloves, stickers, pin trading)
7.) Introduce yourself and offer assistance (“Hi, my name is Lisa. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know”)
8.) Great and welcome each and every Guest. Invite them back.
9.) Use smiling phrases: Please, Thank you!, It’s been my pleasure!
10.) SMILE and have fun!   

How might you implement a similar idea card in your operation? 

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