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Welcome to Talking Point, the Disney Institute Blog

December 21, 2011 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Hi, Im Stacey, Public Relations Manager for Disney Institute. Ive always considered myself a kick-the-tires kind of girl. I cant ever stop wondering, "How does that work?" So when I had the opportunity to come to Florida and work for Disney Institute, I jumped.

Disney Institute takes guests behind the scenes of The Walt Disney Company so they can understand not only how our shows and attractions work, but also the business strategy behind them and the people who bring them to life. Who hasnt wondered how Disney keeps so many cast members so happy all the time?

Through Talking Point, the Disney Institute blog, well bring you stories from program facilitators traveling the globe, delivering business programs to organizations from many different industries. You can also expect to see how companies have used what theyve learned from Disney Institute to improve their own customer experience.

I have a background in newspaper journalism, so I ask a lot of questions and love to engage in active dialogue. Im hoping youll do the same by posting questions and comments with us here on Talking Point and in our Facebook and Twitter communities.

Look forward to talking with you!

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  • Marsha says:

    on January 09, 2012

    After taking 4 DI Seminars, Classes, or what ever you call them, I know this is one of the BEST products available for corporations large and small as well as non profits, entrepreneurs, health care systems, etc to get a different perspective as to what really does work. I felt my time was very productive, I learned a lot, I tool a lot back to my own work place. The value added can far exceed to tuition.

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