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Our Approach


As one of the most recognized names in business solutions and professional development, Disney Institute is the only training and development company that empowers organizations to create lasting change through our time-tested model for cultural transformation that bridges insights into action through Disney best practices in leadership; culture; customer experience; brand loyalty; and creativity and innovation.

Our Engagement Model


Our comprehensive approach involves all levels of an organization to develop an aligned culture, which ensures maximum buy-in and positive change. Within your organization, our insights-based methodology helps your employees to think differently as we communicate fundamental business concepts and share real-world examples from within the diverse businesses of The Walt Disney Company.

Understand & Prioritize Your Needs

We go beyond the typical consulting assessment process to gain a deeper understanding of your organization so we can make a real impact. Our process includes visits to your location(s) to meet with leaders and staff, as well as observation and data collection to gain a complete understanding of your current state and desired future state. It's the combination of hard data and personal interviews that reveals the true approach needed to help you thrive.

Adapt & Apply Disney Best Practices

We believe the bridge from insight to implementation is through Disney Best Practices. We show you what success looks like by benchmarking The Walt Disney Company. We involve cross-functional teams from within your organization to adapt and apply these best practices for your culture. We also help the teams through any obstacles, brainstorm new ideas, as well as coach them on how to achieve the specific deliverables. This process results in organizational buy-in as we begin to implement the desired changes.

Reorient & Upskill Your Team

The key to ensuring that the desired future state is successfully implemented is an inspiring and motivational launch. This phase is focused on Disney Institute engaging your leaders, middle managers, and frontline staff to embrace change and transform the culture through the use of a framework that communicates desired skills and behaviors identified by your organization.

Operationalize & Sustain for Ongoing Success

The goal is to sustain your transformation for the long-term, so it’s critical to take the desired skills and behaviors and make them part of your culture by operationalizing them day-in-and-day-out.  Disney Institute supports your continuous improvement efforts by providing toolkits, conducting reassessments, and delivering skills-based training to ensure the momentum from the launch is sustained over time.

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I think that the methodology employed by the consultants can transcend any industry. The principles make sense and are easy to grasp.

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May 2013
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