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Our Story

Because of the breadth of our business experiences and the fact that we live the philosophies we teach, we are uniquely equipped to develop custom solutions for the challenges you are facing – whether you seek to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, wonder how to hire and engage great employees, want to shift your corporate culture, or want to learn our approach to great leadership.

Our methodology, based on real-world examples from within The Walt Disney Company, provides the opportunity to learn by seeing success in action. Based on storytelling that empowers and inspires, we offer creative solutions that lead to action and results.

Disney Institute advisors do not dictate – they collaborate. It is important to us that the companies we work with maintain ownership of their journey to success. Our custom solutions are designed for those looking to create long-term, sustainable, positive transformation within their organization. We begin with thought leaders, creating shifts in approach and perspective. Then, we involve employees to develop a culture that ensures maximum buy-in that leads to maximum success.

With Disney Institute on your team, you get more than just a list of best business practices; you get a partner from insight to implementation, a new perspective on doing business, and a strategic roadmap for how to make the changes you want.

This is not consulting as usual. This is a true collaborative relationship with Disney.

You can explore our custom solutions for a team or an organizational initiative by visiting Our Approach page.

To learn more about options available for an individual, please explore our Scheduled Courses.

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