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Your organization is already filled with creativity—the challenge is cultivating and harnessing its full potential. Fortunately, every organization already has a rich source of creativity readily available to it: its employees. A brilliant idea can come from anywhere so tapping into the diverse perspectives of your workforce can lead to extraordinary results. While The Walt Disney Company is known for translating creativity into innovative products, services and business solutions, this is only possible because of its carefully crafted environment that fosters idea generation and implementation.

Walt Disney himself was one of the most revolutionary storytellers of our time because he understood the power of stories—by communicating new ideas through a narrative, people stay engaged and emotionally connected. At The Walt Disney Company, we have learned that by designing a corporate culture where creative innovation is encouraged and systematically implemented, our employees feel empowered to continually use their imaginations because they see their ideas put into practice. In order to fully embed creativity in the culture, leadership must push employees out of their traditional surroundings and encourage collaboration built on trust, passion and calculated risk taking.

Innovation is possible when individual creativity and organizational processes are successfully integrated. Innovations are not always huge changes either—sometimes the most impactful advancements are incremental improvements over time. Through Disney Institute, individuals learn the important connection between effective leadership and a culture designed to foster continuous creativity and innovation. Our professional development courses teach techniques to capitalize on employees’ diversity and uncover new solutions to business challenges, great and small.

We also offer custom business solutions that take a closer look at your organization holistically and apply the Disney Institute time-tested approach to reimagining business results. By using our Core Competencies, we adapt our framework to strengthen particular areas of your company that can affect the entire organization

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