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Employee Engagement

There are four interconnected processes that define an organization’s culture: employee selection, training, care and communication. Each is crucial to creating and nurturing a culture of excellence. With a rich tradition and heritage built upon creating memorable experiences, The Walt Disney Company has consistently worked to attract, develop and retain employees dedicated to this vision.

Beginning with the recruitment and selection process, some employers make the mistake of hiring primarily based on skills or personality alone. The key is to hire individuals who exhibit the desired behaviors that best align with your company’s values. By strengthening the selection process, you help ensure that the people you hire will support your culture.

Once you have hired people with a propensity for excellence, your orientation process and training must reinforce your company’s principles as well as impart new skills and knowledge. The way you train individuals is a reflection of your culture, and too many businesses underestimate the training their employees need to be successful. To increase engagement, you must also provide the necessary education so that employees can continually develop and excel in their roles.

Disney Institute professional development courses impart employee engagement techniques for improving corporate culture through care and communication. To continually foster a healthy culture, you must genuinely care for your workforce and find ways to express it. The methods in which you communicate with and care for your team will determine how closely they will continue to align with your desired culture.

We also offer custom business solutions to help reimagine your business results. Perhaps you already have excellent leadership but are interested in strengthening your organizational culture. With a deeper understanding of how your company functions, Disney Institute is uniquely qualified to help you adapt our Core Competencies for long-lasting success.

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