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What is the true meaning of a brand? To consumers, a brand represents a promise of perceived benefits associated with a product, service or the company. The most successful brands create strong connections with their customers by consistently delivering on a credible and meaningful promise. The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s most trusted brands because it promises to provide high-quality entertainment and experiences for both children and adults—and it has kept that promise time and time again.

A brand promise represents the tangible and intangible benefits delivered by an ideal brand experience. When a brand experience is successfully designed to meet customers’ needs and build long-lasting relationships, customers become more deeply attached and create value to the organization far beyond repeat purchase behavior.

It is one thing to design an excellent brand experience—it is another to deliver it consistently. Disney Institute views the customer experience as the outward expression of an organization’s values; therefore employees must apply the brand promise to everything they do. In this way, every employee becomes a brand ambassador and steward, virtually ensuring consistent, quality delivery.

Another element of a successful brand experience is growth and innovation—organizations must continually reexamine and grow the brand in order to retain current customers and attract new ones. Disney Institute teaches continual self-evaluation and refinement of the brand experience as a key lesson in our professional development courses. A major factor contributing to The Walt Disney Company’s incredible growth over the past 90 years is the willingness to recognize potential shortcomings and make changes accordingly.

For businesses seeking a more tailored assessment, Disney Institute offers custom business solutions. And because every organization has its own needs and goals, we directly implement our Core Competencies as a framework for success to help organizations reimagine their business results.

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