Spurring Successful Organizational Change

October 30, 2012 by Jeff James, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Institute

Last week on Talking Point we discussed the reasons that the majority of organizational change fails. Of course knowing the cause of failure is only half of the battle. Let’s discuss several things you can be doing right now to help ensure that the change your organization seeks becomes a reality.

1. Talk to Your Colleagues:  Have an honest, open dialogue with your trusted colleagues as to whether or not challenges (listed in our previous post) exist. Once you have identified the gaps, begin to develop a long-term strategy to address the issue.

2. Assess Your Organization: Don’t shy away from the awkward conversation. Sometimes the conversation that needs to be had the most is the "elephant in the room."

3. Utilize Your Resources: Rick Maurer, author of the book from which this resource falls, has free resources, including an assessment tool, additional articles and podcasts available on his website. Used in conjunction with your own organizational resources, you will be well on your way towards successful organization change.

Tell us about successful or unsuccessful changes within your organization — what worked and what did not? Why?

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1 Responses to Spurring Successful Organizational Change

  • David says:

    on October 30, 2012

    Great thoughts! I have found one of the best ways to change an organization and its culture was through some physical change. Whether it's a logo/branding change, a new facility, or even new furniture, there is something about a new environ that makes people more receptive to changing. Leaders need to recognize the opportunity that a changing environ presents. I certainly wouldn't advocate changing for "change's sake," but I would say that just about every organization could use a little "tweak" and this may be the perfect opportunity.

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